21 junio 2009

El politburó salvadoreño

COMO EL FMLN mandó a quitar ésta página de su sitio oficial fmln.org.sv hace un año, la pego aquí, rescatada del internet wayback machine, para que no se pierda, mas tenga vida eterna:
Obsérvese que al igual que en Corea del Norte, donde el muy actual Eterno Presidente de la República es Kim Il-Sung (fallecido el 8 de julio de 1994, pero oficial y formalmente aún muy en funciones), los marxistas a sus líderes supremos los dejan en el puesto, aunque estén muertos.

En éste caso, el fallecido pero vigente décimo-sexto miembro de la Comisión Política (politburó) del FMLN es ШАФИК ХАНДАЛБ, como él firmaba ante sus patrones soviéticos, o Schafik Hándal, como él se presentaba ante su ingenua audiencia salvadoreña.

Relacionado: La costumbre socialista de borrar la historia no se limita al FMLN. También lo practican los asesores de Barack Obama, jerifaltes de la Internacional Socialista de hoy.

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Anónimo dijo...

Lo unico que puedes decir por ellos, es que no hay pais Marxista con lios de migracion ilegal.

Me dan risa los majes que siempre desean lo que no tienen, mientras no quieren lo que si tienen.

El mejor ejemplo en America de un paraiso Marxista es el pais de los tubos, "Cuba."

Anónimo dijo...

Daniel Ortega, el paje del chafarrote Venezolano, esta siguiendo de cerca los pasos de Tacho Somoza.

Haber si en El Salvador, los FMLNs se hacen riquitos tambien pues otra cosa no lo estan haciendo.

Funes de comentarista politico hablaba bastante paja, pero ahora que le toca actuar unicamente reparte puestos como cuotas entre los incapaces del FMLN.

Mi mejor consejo para Fuenes, ya que es aparente que el no haya que hacer, es que le preguntarle a Obama que hacer, pues obama si empezo a enderezar la cosa desde el primer dia de su mandato.

Anónimo dijo...

El Salvador? Hell, if it wasn't for the remitances that so many wetbacks in the US send back home to their families, the entire country would go belly-up economically.

And now they have a Marxist government! Seems that they guy who's drowning always looks for the deepest end.

One rational role model for that region should be the Costa Rican system, it beats all the others in Central America hands-down. But no, these leftist loonys look at the inner tube Republic of Cuba for guidance. The blind leading the blind.

Anónimo dijo...

And now tiny El Salvador finally has a Marxist government all its own. Good, great!!! Now perhaps the loony left will stop blaming everyone else for their failures and stagnation.

El Salvador with their loony leftist government reminds me of the guy who's thrashing and drowning, and inevitably looks for safety in the deepest end of the pool.

Of course, one rational role model for that entire region could be the Costa Rican system. Costa Rica is a country that beats all the other countries in Central America hands-down. But no, this is way to simple and not radical enough, you see, these leftist loonys look at the inner tube Republic of Cuba for guidance.

It's like the blind leading the blind.

El mal ejemplo dijo...

NAFI! Not A Fucking Idea, Anónimo!

Hell, if it wasn't for the remitances that so many wetbacks in the US send back home to their families, the entire country would go belly-up economically.

Now perhaps the loony left will stop blaming everyone else for their failures and stagnation.

Oh, that's right, you must've forgotten (a slight and involuntary oversight, to be sure) that applying Washington Consensus policies was what initially drove El Salvador to that "economic back-flip" you so fear were-it-not-for-remittances. Although I presume that in your whacked-out idea of the world, the loony commies were behind that too!

And by the way, far from a Marxist government. Unless, of course, those marxists are of the el-visitador strain (some very perceptive reader of a previous post was able to finally unmask E-V).


Anónimo dijo...

This so-called "El Mal Ejemplo" like so many leftist loonies said a lot of nothing, so here goes in response:

Loony El Mal states, "Oh, that's right, you must've forgotten (a slight and involuntary oversight, to be sure) that applying Washington Consensus policies was what initially drove El Salvador to that "economic back-flip" you so fear were-it-not-for-remittances."

El Mal makes tiny poverty stricken Salvador into something like "The Mouse that Roared." Listen, ES is just a itsy bitsy little irrelevant place what whouldn't even make pimple on the gringo's ass. The U.S. extends a helping hand to all because it is by far the most generous country in the world.

Now, regarding the loony FMLNs, you apparently missed those years when the FMLN labeled themselves as Marxists and their supreme leader, Shafik Handal, a Communist.

You'll have to understand that if one has to ague that point with you, then you're clearly an idiot and not worth the saliva or the effort. So if I don't answer more of your rantings, you'll know why.

Now, regarding the remittances that the wetbacks send back home, it's a known fact that this is the government's biggest source of hard currency. So, the Salvadoran loony left should do what their Cuban hero's do; Take a 10% slice right off the tops of all remitances coming into the country from the U.S.A. This way, the FMLN loonies could get in on the windfall and actually have a source of cash to stash away in some Bahamian or Swiss bank account.

One last thing regarding the loony left; They've been in power now for about a month, and comparing what they've done during that time period whichis (zero), to what Obama did during his first month here in the U.S., I'd suggest to these loony losers that if they can't think of anything on their own, that I'm sure if that asking Obama for some suggestions he'd be glad to give them a few ideas.

I don't tell them to ask any of the loonies in the neighboring countries, like Nicaragua or Guatemala because the only ideas they'd give them is how to steal. Look at Ortega, he's followong the footsteps of Tacho Somoza, like if he read his book...

And asking anyone in the inner tube republic of Cuba would be futile because all they poor commies was are inner tubes to get the hell out of that place.

Anónimo dijo...

Anonymous is so right about that,

If so many loony leftist talk down about the good ole U.S. of A., and talk so good about the commie losers, they why do they come here instead of going to some commie land. No one asked them to come here, in fact they come here in droves and risking life and limb!

If they had any balls they get a float tube and sail over to the inner tube republic of Cuba that you talk about, and I'm sure they'd run into a whole lot Cubans rafting over here.

The looney left are always thinking that the grass in greener of the otherside of the fence, because of all the bull shit. The thing is, that they're too stupid to realize they're gobbling down their own rhetoric and lies. I guess Gobbles was right, "that if you say a lie enough times, it becomes the truth." Idiots always need someone else to blame for their idiocy!

Anónimo dijo...

El Mal Tiempo...

I had the mistaken curiosity of reading your Blog and that of your Blog Team. My conclusion:

You're all losers just taking-up space. Good-for-nothings.

P.S. Don't bother to answer because I won't. You see, I don't have time for your type of individual. "Chusma" right?

Anónimo dijo...

Corruption in Salvador, but what do you expect from a "Turco" president? But you haven't seen what corruption is until the loony left gets their hands in the till.

But I'm sure you already know htat don't you. I'm sure you know that Salvadorans are notorious and will steal anything that isn't nailed down.

They are shameless, and they get pissed-off if you call them on it.

Anónimo dijo...

Congratulations 'El Mal Ejemplo',

I see you've learned a little English (low class, street talk of course), but I suppose that's better than nothing.

At least you are getting ahead in life and have come from the personification of the classic "chusma" type, to now becoming a semi bi-lingual version of what we call "white trash."

Once again, congratulations. Most of you cuckoo clock commies are born chusma and love it there.

Anónimo dijo...

Hey! This is the same FMLN whose big-shot leader, Joaquin Villalobos, ripped-off and split with the guerrillas war chest isn't it... hahahahah

And now Villalobos is living the life of an English gentleman with all the loot from so many killings, bank robberies, extorsions and kidnappings. What a bunch of loony leftist fools.

Anónimo dijo...

You're absolutely right on that one, "Atilio" that's the ERP leaders nom de guerre made off with all the stolen and ill gotten cash the FMLN had stashed away.

Villalobos even made a deal with Ricardo Poma, of Robles Investments, so they could develop some illegally confiscated coffee plantation called "El Espino."

But cukoo clock commies are all thieves and they'll have Salvador bankrupt and belly-up soon enough.

As a general rule of thumb, loony commies come from the gutter and they love the victim mentality of blaming everone but themselves.

Don't ever think for a minute that any of these idiots are of Abraham Lincoln calibre. to size them up, they're all basically envious losers filled with ulcerous hatred.

Anónimo dijo...

WOW!!! That "Politburo" is filled with just a bunch of lamb rabble who have never excelled or done anything noteworthy in their lives, ever.

How can anyone expect Salvador to have even the faintest hope of prosperity with this cabal leading them. That's crazy!

After all, experience, knowledge and charisma are important traits, but these simpletons have none.

Anónimo dijo...

Yeah! We gotta get that border fence up asap, and before that entire languishing region decides to come on up.

Anónimo dijo...

El Politburo?

De cual cloaca sacaron a esos..

Anónimo dijo...

Los comunistoides que han llegado al poder, todos apoyan a Zelaya de Honduras, quien quiere extender su periodo presidencial indefinidamente tambien. Fidel lo apoya, diciendo que periodos de tiempo limitados nunca son suficientes. El chafarrote, Hugo Chavez y su paje, Daniel Ortega estan de acuerdo tambien.
Estos H de P usan del voto para domar a la gente tonta. Asi ellos pueden llegar, pero estan dispuestos a usar la bala para quedarse de por vida. Que ganga!
Estos comunistas me acuerdan de cuando te llenas el zapato de algo bastante feo y hediondo.

El Mal Ejemplo dijo...

Wow, so much fun to intrude upon your little GOP convention! Although I'm not entirely sure if it's the same person, or if the resemblance is just the effect of the uniform level of uninformed stupidity (a necessary distinction, seeing that the informed-brainwashed type population is also on the rise).

Since you've dedicated yourself(ves?) to the repetitive use of the "stupid" label, there's really not much to argue, although it is worth pointing out that your discourse betrays a sickly elitist complex ("chusma", "low class", "white trash") so shamefully predictable but nonetheless gratifying in its raw representation of the sorts of caveman thinking humanity is up against, so much scorn and loathing towards the classes on which you thrive on.

In any case, there are still a few very timely observations to be made:
1)If you would kindly pause your senseless ramblings for just a second to consider the current president's cabinet -and the people behind his rise to power- you would be pleasantly surprised to find that a good number of your sybarite chums are involved in the far-from-Marxist government.

2)That ill-defined term, Marxist, and all the Hegelian legacy it drew from, deserve a better consideration than your simpleminded political labeling spree is capable of giving. That, of course, is something which I wouldn't expect of you.

3)1954, 1965, 1973, 1989, 2002...
i.e. maybe you should inform yourself on how the US tackles its pimple problem.

4)Yes! Salvadorans should be shameless! It's about time we rid ourselves of the petite bourgeois complex.

"Yo también soy hijo, nieto, bisnieto, tataranieto de un esclavo (QUE SE AVERGÜENCE EL AMO)"