24 junio 2006


"CASI TODA EL AGUA en Chile es provista por empresas privadas. En Santiago, el tratamiento de aguas negras se ha incrementado del 3% en 1999 al 70% hoy, dice Alfredo Norman, presidente de Aguas Andinas, la compañía de aguas de la capital, controlada por capital español" ---(1) The Economist (Londres), 17 junio 2006, p.41
(1) The exception, as so often, is Chile. Its military dictatorship began to privatise infrastructure in 1985, starting with telecoms and electricity. Democratic governments have since gone further. Now the roads that whisk the traveller into Santiago, the capital, from the airport are privately run, as are most other motorways and the airport itself. Nearly all Chile's water is supplied by private companies. In Santiago treatment of sewage has increased from 3% in 1999 to 70% today, says Alfredo Noman, chairman of Aguas Andinas, the capital's Spanish-controlled water company. Only the most remote households in Chile lack running water or electricity.

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